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Sustainability Is The Key

If It's Not Broken Don't Fix It

Make It Easy, and Convienient

The majority of our packaging is designed to be as compact as possible. This leads to a much-reduced impact on the environment both at the manufacture and transport levels. Additionally, the savings made on the cost of the price of packing material are then passed onto our customers.

Whenever we deem the original packaging as safe and suitable for transit, we will make sure to use it instead of committing to additional packing material. On our scale, this approach lowers potential waste by a vast amount. Convenience is the key. Bulky parcels and overbearing packaging only lead to wasted time and delivery issues. This is why our packaging, when required, is hand-picked for each individual order, to be as efficient as possible.


Frustration-Free Packaging is designed to ensure the most convienient delivery experience.

We follow 3 simple guidelines to ensure that the item arrives to you safely, and with minimal packaging required.