BiBi Doll Reborn Boy "Barney" (43 cm / 17")

£24.99 GBP
By BiBi Doll

Our BiBi Reborns, are our faitfhful effort to replicate comfort, and the feeling of joy, one might experience when holding a real newborn. They will both do as a lovely toy, and a possible therapeutic companion.

Name: Barney

    No, not that Barney. But, equally fun to spend time with and equally eager to give everyone hugs.


  • Material - Body - Cloth and Stuffing, Arms, Legs & Head - Soft Vinyl
  • Weight - 0.67 kg / 1.45 lb
  • Included - Single Doll, Dummy, Bottle
  • Doll Size - 43 cm / 17"
  • Minimum Age - 3 Years and up

Customer Reviews

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Fiona E
Not that good quality.

To start with a positive, the baby “reborn” dolls aren’t what I expected them to be however they are decent and I see the image also my children really love them so that’s a plus. The negative is In terms of the accessories. I purchased 2 buggy pushchairs about 2 weeks ago when I placed my order for over £80 and both buggys are already broken.. they are flimsy, very small and not worth the money. I don’t like to leave bad reviews so I do want to highlight the positive that the baby dolls are genuinely nice I just wouldn’t waste money on the accessories.