There is no time better for a nap. than now. Dots is always ready to hit the snooze button. But, her talents don’t lie only in sleeping. She is also a great storyteller, with a knack for fantastic jokes.

We think... If only she ever stayed awake for the punchline… ZzZzZzz.


Navy is a bit of a crybaby. Always the first one with watery eyes and the last one to stop sniffling. It wasn’t until after he met his new friends that he decided to put on a brave face, and face his fears!

If only those fears didn't face him back...

Carry Cot

Bring your favourite dolls or stuffed animals on adventures
while keeping them cosy and snug!

High Chair

Perfect for imaginative play and role-play. It features a secure seat, adorable design. A delightful accessory for young caregivers.