BiBi Doll Baby "Grean Pea" (Camo) (50 cm / 20")

£17.99 GBP
By BiBi Doll

Fantastic companions, BiBi Babies will easily bring hours of joy and entertainment into your child's life as they quickly turn into their life-long friends. In addition, dolls are a fantastic tool to aid the development of social skills, empathy, and emotional maturity.

Name: Iggy Almaz

    Whether it's a loud noise, Sparkle's bothersome behavior, or just a need for some "Me" time. Green Pea has just the outfit to let him hide away from civilization and reinforce his personal space. The deeper into the woods, the better.


  • Material - Body - Cloth and Stuffing, Hands, Feet & Head - Soft Vinyl
  • Weight - 0.6 kg / 1.3 lb
  • Included - Single Doll with Soundbox, Dummy
  • Doll Size - 50 cm / 20"
  • Minimum Age - 18 months and up

Customer Reviews

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Q Nessa
Lovely doll and well priced

This is a lovely doll and I love that they have various options for the ethnicities. It would be nice if we could choose the outfits as some of the other babies have cute outfits that I would have preffered with this doll.

It has a sound box that you can click that has a number of sounds. It is sometimes hard to get the sound to work even when clicking it. Overall it is still a decent doll and well priced.

It's a lot bigger than I expected but that is my own fault as the measurements are on the listing and I should have thought that through. My daughter is turning 2 in March and she is on the smaller side so it is nearly the same size as her lol! I think for the time being I will have to buy a smaller doll and then as she grows older she can play with this one more. (This is not the fault of the company of course)

I would recommend it to others!

Kate Lester

Attractive doll, fairly well made.
Good delivery time, well packaged.

Dawn Bennett
Very nice

Very nice

Patricia Nussey
Ethnic baby

Nice face and lovely soft cuddly body. My grandson loved the dummy. Sound box difficult for 2 year old to work but enjoyed the noises when someone else helped. ( the supplied batteries were flat and I had to purchase new ones)


My child loved this doll she plays with it all the time