BiBi Doll Baby "Leo" (45 cm / 18")

£17.99 GBP
By BiBi Doll

Fantastic companions, BiBi Babies will easily bring hours of joy and entertainment into your child's life as they quickly turn into their life-long friends. In addition, dolls are a fantastic tool to aid the development of social skills, empathy, and emotional maturity.

Name: Leo Malte

    The smartest guy around, and perhaps the one people listen the least. However, Leo doesn't mind. As long as he can hang out with his friends, he is happy.. no matter the kind of trouble they get him into.


  • Material - Body - Cloth and Stuffing, Hands, Feet & Head - Soft Vinyl
  • Weight - 0.45 kg / 1 lb
  • Included - Single Doll with Soundbox, Dummy
  • Doll Size - 45 cm / 18"
  • Minimum Age - 18 months and up

Customer Reviews

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Susan Bean
Love bibi dolls

Love the doll z

Charlotte Bergdahl adorable doll!

When I saw this 18”Bibi doll, I had to have him! I had already bought the large 20” black doll for my Granddaughter who had asked for a brown doll for Christmas....but “Sammy” (yes I have named him!) has the most expressive face and is slightly more adorable than the larger black girl doll. This doll is cuddly, comes with gorgeous clothes (yes the cap is a bit small for him)...and the price is amazing and the free shipping too..I am in love with Bibi dolls. His eyes do not close but that is okay for little toddlers...and his brown eyes are beautiful.

Lisa Grainger

The delivery and price was fine. The hat does not fit the doll. It was to small