BiBi Doll Baby "Seabiscuit" (45 cm / 18")

£14.99 GBP
By BiBi Doll

Fantastic companions, BiBi Babies will easily bring hours of joy and entertainment into your child's life as they quickly turn into their life-long friends. In addition, dolls are a fantastic tool to aid the development of social skills, empathy, and emotional maturity.

    No, not that one. Another seabiscuit. This one, a fan of all things aquatic.... and horses.


  • Material - Body - Cloth and Stuffing, Hands, Feet & Head - Soft Vinyl
  • Weight - 0.45 kg / 1 lb
  • Included - Single Doll with Soundbox, Dummy, Extra Outfit
  • Doll Size - 45 cm / 18"
  • Minimum Age - 18 Months and up

Customer Reviews

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Susan Foster
My opinion

I would say this doll is for a one to three year old would it be enough soft body I don't like the fact that the eyes stay shut and the clothing is cheaply made as some of the stitching is missing also they've not finished off the edges of just left them and you can zip the jacket up so for those reasons I think it's a little overpriced